June 22, 2008 AM: “Why Are You Weeping?”

It’s early on a Sunday morning. A well-dressed woman stands weeping near the tomb of a dear friend. Sound familiar? The death of a loved one is a time of great grief and sense of loss for all of us. In John 20 Mary of Magdala was at the tomb of Jesus weeping. Not only had her friend been executed just three days before, but now his tomb was empty. Her sense of loss and grief is extreme; she believed someone had desecrated the grave. But what a surprise awaited her! Today we also weep as loved ones leave us in death. However, our sorrow is not like those who have no hope. Learn more about what happened that Sunday morning, and the hope we have as a result. Click the blue box to hear our message.

About Richard Cravy

Richard Cravy is the minister and one of the elders for the Tanglewood congregation. He is also on the staff and faculty of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. He and his wife, Jeannette, have three grown children and ten grandchildren.


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