About Richard Cravy

Richard Cravy is the minister and one of the elders for the Tanglewood congregation. He is also on the staff and faculty of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. He and his wife, Jeannette, have three grown children and ten grandchildren.

Current Sermon Series: The Sermon on the Mount

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January 26, 2014:"The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached!" The first sermon we have by Jesus is universally acknowledged as the greatest ethical and moral message ever recorded. It is delivered in the early days of his ministry, and was designed to instruct his new disciples in exactly what the "Kingdom of Heaven" was to be like. Today we take note of the events surrounding his delivery of the sermon, and the three natural parts into which the message can be divided.

February 2, 2014: "Think Different!" Four major groups fought and struggled to shape the Jewish people’s view of the prophesied "Kingdom of Heaven." By means of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus sounded forth a message that was in clear contrast to all four groups: the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots. The Kingdom of Heaven was a matter of God’s rule in each human heart, and through that reign the world would be changed.

February 9, 2014: "Blessed Are the Poor" In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus will present the essential character and heart of each one who is going to be part of God’s reign on earth.  In this teaching, Jesus spoke as one in authority, different than the scribes, teachers of the law and rabbis who often quoted others and relied on Jewish scholars and traditions for their teaching. He begins by answering an unspoken question: "Who will be blessed (honored, praised and rewarded) by God in His coming kingdom?" Continue reading